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Svātanya : Mr. Anil Gupta 102 B, Mazda Arts, Breach Candy, Mumbai

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Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

5 Reasons for Rehab
What are the top 5 reasons someone should go to rehab? Are there any? Are there not? Does it really matter? If so, why? These are good questions and by listing the top 5 reasons someone should go to rehab, we can answer them all.

The first reason is for your loved ones.

You have a family depending on you. It is bad enough losing a loved one in an accident or through illness but something preventable such as drug addiction or alcoholism? These addictions are treatable and your loved ones deserve to see that you are going to rehab and getting help because you love them as much as they love you.

The second reason you should go to rehab is to save yourself financially.

It is no secret that people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are more likely to go bankrupt, to be foreclosed on, to lose their jobs and therefore their means of income. Friendships are being ruined over personal loans, credit scores over maxed out credit cards and late or no payments, family relationships over money matters.

The third reason is usually tied to the second one, for legal reasons.

Once you lose your job or run out of money and people to turn to, you get desperate enough to turn to robbery. Perhaps you are caught driving drunk. Maybe you are caught with drugs on you during a routine traffic stop. Probation, legal fees, jail time, prison records, these can make it harder to live a life of promise and opportunity.

The fourth reason someone should go into rehab is because drugs and alcohol can kill.

Get behind the wheel of a car while drinking and then explain to the family of the person you hit why you did not call a cab. How do you come back and tell your parents you are sorry because you passed away from alcohol poisoning at a party? Drinking can cause strokes. Drugs can cause overdoses. Both can cause irreversible damage to your brain, your stomach, your heart, your other organs. Both can lead to cancer. Both can kill you either suddenly or following long term use. Russian Roulette was never so parallel to a real life situation as it is when you play with your life or others due to a drug or alcohol addiction.

The fifth reason someone should go to rehab is one they often feel isn’t important: for themselves.

Ironically, they are only thinking of themselves when they are in the midst of their addiction yet when told they are worth saving, they feel they don’t deserve to be. But they are. You are. The top 5 reasons why someone should go to rehab ends with you. Make it a new beginning.

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  • Svātanya : Mr. Anil Gupta 102 B, Mazda Arts, Breach Candy, Mumbai
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