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54/3 Nagle Gaon, Vasai Bhiwandi Road, Vasai East 401202, Palghar Landmark: Near Sargam Water Park

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Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Sunshine Wellness Center

Sunshine Wellness Center is the premium detoxification, rehabilitation and psychiatric center.

We are a world class facility nestled in the suburb of Vasai crowned by the stunning panoramic view of the hills.

The cornerstone of our treatment model is a state-of-the-art, holistic, integrated, and individually tailored programs.

Services we provide:

  • Intensive, private, confidential, and discreet therapeutic in-patient retreat.
  • Treatment for mental disorders and chemical dependencies for men and women of all ages and various different countries.
  • Help to our clients live a happy and a peaceful life with a high success rate.
  • Comprehensive psychiatric care and rehabilitation services.
  • Apart from providing world-class treatment, we are also involved in the community through a wide range of outreach services such as sensitisation programs and focused/financial assistance for less privileged persons.

    Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai, India

    If you have been facing stress, working round the clock, and still you are physically and mentally healthy, then you are amongst the lucky few, because, in today’s hectic life, many people easily succumb to different types of addictions such as alcoholism and drug abuse, when they are unable to handle life’s stresses. People of all walks of life are getting ensnared by this growing social malady called addiction. This is when they approach a rehabilitation centre. So, if you have reached here, you have found your solution for life long happiness and peace.

    We are a world class rehab centre known for our outstanding and effective treatment methodologies for curing individuals afflicted with drugs and alcohol addiction. We have always followed the best addiction treatment procedures to bring about a holistic cure. Our professional experts strive to study, analyze and apply the best approaches for drug and alcohol deaddiction.

    This is why Sunshine Wellness Centre is the most trusted rehabilitation centre in Mumbai and also one of the best rehabilitation centres in India, where you can be sure of a holistic cure and regain your mental peace for a happier future.

    Understand Addicts and the Effects of Addiction

    Addiction is a rampant issue that affects individuals at all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Others fail to understand the cause or need of the addiction and they may consider the addicts morally inferior and lacking in willpower.

    It is observed that drug or alcohol addiction affects a vast mass starting at a very tender age of 14 years. Addiction is actually a complex mental disease that World Health Organization (W.H.O) considers as the second most dangerous disease. This is the reason why a lot of rehab centres in India and several rehab centres in Mumbai have started to devise new strategies to control this rampant issue.

    Addiction of any kind can have devastating effects not only on the addict but also the families. The capacity to lead a normal life is destroyed and the addict becomes isolated from the family and society. Such people must seek help from any of the popular rehab centres in India.

    Addicts face a lot of physical and mental problems such as anxiety, depression, inability to work, and so on. It is not possible to deal with this problem singlehandedly. You must approach any of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai or nearby your home.

    Addicts need a multi-therapy approach along with moral support from family and the therapists to get back to a normal life. This is where the rehabilitation programs of rehab centres help an individual to combat alcohol and other substance abuse. There are several rehab centres in Mumbai and also many rehabilitation centres in India that you can approach for help.

    Essence of Rehabilitation

    It is important to understand the concept of rehabilitation. It is not only about physical or mental cure, it is an act of restoration to a healthy physical and mental state of a human being. Rehabilitation centres play a very vital role to revive an individual’s overall health which was affected due to drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

    Deaddiction centres help the afflicted individuals to cope with issues that cannot be addressed by mere medicinal treatment. It takes a lot of courage and determination to accept the addiction problem and deal with it. Rehabilitation centres in Mumbai have state of art infrastructure and latest treatment methodologies to increase the chances of deaddiction.

    Many addicted individuals tend to wait till they reach rock bottom and justify their addiction as a result of stress. The strong denial to get rid of substance abuse is a result of a fear to accept that they are in need of help. During rehabilitation, one on one counselling sessions are done to provide guidance to the addicts to help them cope with the craving of drug or alcohol. Moreover, drug addicts or alcohol addicts with more intense addiction issue need to be talked to and explained all the benefits of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

    Thus, to show the brighter side of life to addicts, re-unite them with their families and make them addiction-free productive individuals, rehabilitation is very essential.

    How do we Rehabilitate?

    Sunshine Wellness Centre has a one of a kind approach to deal with the problem of addiction which makes it different from other drug rehabilitation centres. Our primary objective is to make the addicted individual start living and enjoying life as before. Keeping this in mind, we have totally eliminated the ‘Hospital’ kind of environment from our centre. This is to make the patient feel at home or at an outing in a resort.

    We strive to help them get rid of the addiction anomalies by concentrating on the cause and not the effect of the anomaly. Different therapies, regimen and treatments that are more effective and advance compared to other rehabilitation centres in Mumbai, are undertaken including Psychotherapy, Problem Solving Techniques, Life Skills Training, etc.

    Usage of medicines is restricted to treatment of only the withdrawal symptoms for the initial weeks. Eventually, medicines are replaced by a good diet, exercises and multivitamin supplements. The treatment is customized based on type and intensity of the addiction. We follow the WHO recommended 12-step treatment process for drug and alcohol rehabilitation as it promotes addiction recovery and enables the addict to acquire a positive outlook of life.

    There are innumerable rehab centres in India but Sunshine Wellness centre is exemplary as we observe a strict protocol of finding the root cause with effective diagnostic tests and proper analysis based on years of experience. This is followed by a professional yet friendly treatment approach for damage-repair and total rehabilitation while ensuring 100% prevention of a relapse.

    With this authentic and proven modes of healing and a state of art infrastructure, Sunshine Wellness Centre has undoubtedly become one of the most popular rehabilitation centres in India and also one of the most trusted rehab centres in Mumbai.

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