Lifeline Rehabilitation Center

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Survey No. 46/1/1, Heaven Park, Near Old Ganesh Temple, Mohammad Wadi, Pune

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Service Offered

Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

The enormity of the problem of addiction can only be understood by the ones affected by it. Apart from the addict himself, it is the immediate family of an addict that bears the brunt of this deadly ailment. And what compounds the situation for the addicts and their family, is the lack of good rehabilitation centres.

Lifeline was established with the sole aim of providing a rehabilitation facility that can match up to the prescribed ethical and professional standards of addiction treatment. Lifeline’s aim is not only to provide world class treatment to addicts, but also provide the addict’s family with the support it requires in dealing with the situations.

Our vision is to evolve as a recognized leader in addiction treatment by providing high quality and affordable deaddiction and rehabilitation program.

To provide personalised care to each individual who joins our family and help them to achieve sobriety through a comprehensive deaddiction and rehabilitation program

Lifeline uses the WHO (World Health Organisation) approved 12-Step treatment process to achieve complete abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse. The 12-Step process is considered the most effective treatment for addiction, as it is a holistic approach targeted at healing mind, body and spirit. It helps the addicts not only through the treatment process, but also enables them to choose a new way of life that supports them throughout their recovery and abstinence.

Lifeline facility boasts of 24/7 in-house support team comprising of experienced counsellors and therapist. Lifeline’s treatment panel also include Psychiatrists, Dentists, Nutritionists and other visiting and on-call medical professionals.

We are proud to have recovering addicts on our team as therapists. They have undergone the trauma of addiction, and have struggled through the recovery path to experience the joys of abstinence. The empathy, understanding and bonding that these therapist provide to the recovering addicts is unmatched in its efficacy.

Lifeline provides their clients with a private, confidential and safe environment, where they have the opportunity to identify the changes they have to make in themselves and in their environment for a fast recovery.

Facilities at Lifeline
Homely environment
Dormitories with attached bath
Hot water
Veg/Non –Veg menu
Satellite TV
Indoor games
Only 750 meters from one of the best hospitals in Pune – Ruby Hall Clinic
Panel of medical & psychiatric staff
Experienced counsellors & therapists
Clean and modern living area
24* 7 CCTV monitoring
Outdoor activities like Bird watching, walking in the wilderness, volunteering for planting and watering saplings at the attached Urban Wilderness Project.

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