1. You’ll be healthier
There is no drug out there other than the harmful effects as all drugs are basically toxic. Direct effects vary with drugs. Horin or painkillers suppress lung action and this can lead to tuberculosis, pneumonia or abscess. Marijuana causes changes in the brain similar to those in schizophrenia, not to mention damage to your lungs. Methamphetamine is very difficult for the whole body, especially the nervous system and brain. Excessive use of drugs or alcohol leads to excessive weight loss and malnutrition can affect a person’s ability to cope with illness.

2. You’ll reduce your risk of death.
Many drugs can cause death the first time you use them, and some can have long-term harmful effects. Cocaine is very stressful for the heart and blood vessels that can interfere with rapid cardiac arrest or heart rate. Alcohol can kill too much or increase the risk of accidents. Any opiate can cause a fatal overdose. Synthetics like Ecstasy can cause you to become overweight which can lead to genital herpes. Stop taking your medication and you have a better chance of a long life.

3. You will be more likely to keep a good job.
One of the most common signs of addiction slides is lost jobs. It is very common for a drug user to blame others for this mental retardation. But most of the time, it’s because someone has stopped doing the work. Almost other sick days are taken. Projects were not completed. Mistakes were made. Customers were ignored and partners were separated. Final result: No more work.

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