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Plot No. 213, V.K. Farms, Nr. Pithawala Engineering College, Magdalla, Gavier, Surat.

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Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Turning Point Rehab
About our Rehab
This is it – the Turning Point of your LIFE.

A turning point is a moment between looking honestly at a problem and summoning the will from within to find a solution for it. It is an epoch in your personal history, where you choose a fresh new path and alter the course of your entire life. It is the realization that even if you cannot change your destination overnight, you can change your direction.

At our residential rehab, which is a home-like facility, we holistically work to align and channel the transformative energy of mind, body, and spirit. We offer a variety of healthy activities and alternative therapies to help the clients recover physically, mentally and spiritually. We ensure that they feel at home with our accredited practitioners and integrated natural therapy programs. Thus, when someone follows our proposition with willingness, drive, and dedication, even a few months’ time is sufficient for us to turn their lives around.

Our History
Not all the new beginnings start from ends, some start with a turning point.

The anecdote of Turning Point Rehab traces the life of its founder – Amit Karekar. A recovering addict himself, Amit had realised that true happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. And that’s precisely what he set to do with his Rehabilitation Centre. Established in the year 2015 in Surat, Turning Point has been a pioneer in providing world-class holistic programs and premium amenities to addicts for Alcohol and drug dependency treatment along with psychological and clinical mental disorders. And the credits for its success goes to the journey that Amit endured during his treatment and recovery. His capacity to feel the addicts powers his capacity to revive and heal them.

Because one can only understand people when one can feel them in oneself.

It all started by chance than choice. Sixteen-year-old Amit tried drugs for the first time on the insistence of a group of friends whom he had met at a snooker parlour in Mumbai. Then, he had never dreamt that his life would take a 360-degree turn exactly after that moment. In a few months of time, Amit had become a full-fledged addict of Brown Sugar (a street name for heroin). He dropped out of college, saw his relations sour with loved ones, and realised how he was looked down upon and judged as an anti-social element by the society. But despite the adversaries, like all the other addicts, Amit hopelessly relied on drugs to live. Meanwhile, he got used to this dark way of living and found the company of all the wrong sort of people – right from the pickpockets, to drug peddlers and hardcore criminals. By the age of nineteen, his life was a complete mess. A few years down that line, he experienced confinement in the hands of the law, suffered a major heartbreak, started losing the will to live and became suicidal. Ironically, he started looking at drugs as a way to live or die, however, neither happened. Finally, he enrolled himself in a few rehabs, in the hopes of finding the real self beneath the addict but all to vain. He kept relapsing in a small span of time, and each time he hit the bottom even harder than the last.

In 2014, Amit was distraught, dejected and tired when he once again enrolled for a rehab that later proved to be a sharp turning point in his life. During his treatment at the centre, Amit found a role model, a guru in another recovering addict, whom he looked up to for going through his day-to-day affairs. He learnt the power of self-love, the importance of having healthy relations with loved ones and made up his mind to accept the treatment process wholeheartedly. He pursued recovery with the same passion that he had pursued addiction and became sober within a year.

Amit now wanted to help others like him. He had seen how dark the tunnel of addiction could be and how the light at the end of the tunnel is a life-saving element. He wanted to help people go through it. So he volunteered at the same rehab and looked after the newcomers, encouraging them to come clean. His determination, compassion and understanding led him to become a counsellor, and within three months he was sent to Surat for setting up another rehab for the same Mumbai-based rehab trust. He embraced this opportunity with all his heart and served there for a year, taking the centre to its peak potential. He gradually fell in love with this new way of life that he had stumbled upon. In 2015, following the alarming rate of cases where people suffered from liver diseases and psychiatric disorders due to substance abuse, Amit founded Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre in Surat. This new rehab offered addicts a pleasant, homely and a peaceful atmosphere to face reality, change and accept treatment programs. He wanted their journey to be full of joy rather than feel like a punishment or austerity.

With the support and care of his wife, sister and friends, Amit’s rehab excelled all the other centres and proved to become a turning point for the lives of many. Today, he believes that he was able to become sober and maintain that state for so long is because he is helping others like him recover. He emphasizes that he kept what he had only by giving it away – recovery.

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