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Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
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Substance Abuse Counselling
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Welcome to Rama Rehab

The number of drug abuse cases in major cities of India has been increasing rapidly. There are many reasons for people to become victims of drug abuse such as pleasure seeking behavior, family problems and modern lifestyle. Many individuals also initially do drugs or consume alcohol to try it, resulting in addiction to such substances over a period of time.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for and indicative note on the essential facts

Rama Rehab is a major rehabilitation centre in Delhi. We help people to better manage and overcome their drug, alcohol and other types of addiction problems and rehabilitate them through careful planning. Our rehabilitation specialists include Psychiatrists, experienced and certified therapists, psychologists, service providers and other team members who work together to provide recovery for every patient of substance abuse & other Psychiatric disorders


To get rid of addictions like binge drinking, chronic drinking, alcoholism, smoking, drug consumption, etc, an individual may look for a rehabilitation centre. Just like other metro cities of this world, many people have become the victims of addictions in Delhi due to stress and lifestyle factors. Thus, you can find many rehabilitation centre in Delhi which are efficiently offering their services for many years. Each of these Rehabilitation Centres is known as . Here, we will discuss the features and benefits of a de addiction centre in Delhi. Hence, you will get an idea that why you should keep your trust in Rama Rehab.

Join Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

The addiction treatment program is comprised of individual therapy, counseling sessions and is complemented by physical and mental health activities for overall recovery and join rehabilitation centre in Delhi. Apart from this, each day’s schedule is prepared that involves in-person training, yoga, coping skills, conscious meditation, swimming, art and drama therapies and many more such activities which not only helps a person to remain active but also are fun-filled activities which support them to distract their mind from giving into cravings or addiction. Patient’s family has the opportunity to explore our de-addiction center and witness the activities happening here.


We work hard to treat our patients with care and compassion to build a hope, and restoration of the lives of drug and alcohol addiction patients and their family members. Rama Rehabilitation centre uses best-in-class treatment facilities to treat patients and help them fit back into the society. Our specialist team of professionals have years of experience in de-addiction, rehabilitation and counseling. Thus we have emerged as a quality de-addiction centre in Delhi.

Rama Rehab Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Advanced Detox centers are in fact, specialized hospitals where patients receive proper care and treatment. These hospitals are equipped with sophisticated psychological assessments and laboratory facilities. Treatment of various Psychiatric disorders & drug addiction is done by highly skilled and experienced doctors and trained support staff.

Rehab Center in Delhi With The Most Serene Ambiance

Among all other rehabilitation centre in Delhi, Rama Rehabilitation has been declared as the best nasha mukti Kendra in Delhi. We are running rehab facilities in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad with a huge reputation. Our rehabilitation programs cover the physical and emotional aspects of each patient so that everyone gains mental strength to stay away from any type of addiction. Thus, we offer Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies to different patients depending on the intensities of side-effects of their de addiction centre in Delhi. To reduce anxiety and stress levels, we also offer Meditation and Yoga to our patients. To offer a top-quality service we follow a 12-step program. These steps are:

  • We admitted that at past we were powerless against the issues of addictions, and thus our lives were unmanageable.
  • We now believe that a greater power than that of ourselves could restore a normal condition.
  • We have decided to make our will and ability stronger rather than depending on the care of God.
  • We have created a fearless moral inventory on the basis of humanity.
  • We admit our faults to our patients and God.
  • We are ready to ignore fate and God and we are ready to take the responsibilities.
  • We can only hope that we will be able to remove our shortcomings.
  • We create a list of those people who are not satisfied with our services and then, we take measures to make them happy.
  • All of our measures to make our patients happy are applied at the most preferable moments.
  • We take personal inventory and if we make any mistake we quickly admit it.
  • Through prayers and meditations, we try to make our patients calm with spiritual feelings so that they can know the true meaning of life.
  • We try to enlighten the souls of patients with spirituality and we carry this message to them.
  • Thus, you have got an idea that why you should choose Rama Rehabilitation to make your life meaningful and refreshed.

Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Drug

Rehabilitation Center in Delhi – Say No to Drugs and Yes to Life by Joining Hands with Rama Rehab Center. Having a drug abuser around you is terrific, especially when your loved one has fallen into this hazardous addiction. Drugs have taken several lives until the time, several families are broken, separated and what not? We are aware of the cons of using drugs but some of us can’t resist ourselves from to fall into the trap of drugs. Getting used to drugs is super easy but leaving this like-taking is even more difficult than breaking a rock of stones. There are several home remedies, herbals and allopathic medicines have introduced but the most affecting factor to resist the drug-addiction is the atmosphere around us. In order to prevent someone from consuming drugs an isolated and specialized place is necessary. Therefore, often we can see people looking for rehabilitation centre in Delhi, which offers a guaranteed solution to their dilemma.

Detox and Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

If you are searching for a Best rehabilitation centre in Delhi you are at right place. Rama rehab center is titled as topmost rehab center in Delhi, the city which is loaded with different cultures and an evidence of diversity, but being a populated city, the drug supplying and consumption is easier than that of other places. But that doesn’t mean you or your closed ones can’t get rid of it. Visit Rama rehabilitation center in Delhi, to make this habit a past and start a new journey of your life with detoxified mind, body and soul.

Join Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Alcohol

Are you In the Search of rehabilitation centre in Delhi for alcohol? The most commonly used drug that is consumed by a large population around the nation is alcohol. Alcohol habit is apparent in every set of the population, be it man or woman, rich or poor, young or old, alcohol is the widely-used drug. Consequently, a rehabilitation centre in Delhi for alcohol is need of the time and here at Rama rehabilitation center, the recovery rate of alcohol-addicted the most than the other centers around the city. As per considering the facts we came to know that, patient requires the best comfort to stop the habits of drugs, and hence the center provides spacious rooms, lawns, garden and other essential facilities. The de-addiction program includes several consecutive levels so that one doesn’t feel the burden or heaviness of the process.

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