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Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

KRIPA REVIVAL CENTRE for De-Addiction & Rehabilitation offers an exclusive facility to Alcoholics / Drug Addicts, enabling the patients to relinquish their life of addiction & lead an independent normal life, which they had, before developing dependency on alcohol /drugs.

Alcohol/Drugs are used by many around us to have fun, as a remedy for emotional & stressful problems, to be part of a group, to feel like they belong, to feel good, to feel happy, and for many more reasons without knowing that at least 20 out of a 100 become dependent on it.

Addiction can happen to anybody. There is no specific sex, occupation, family background, education that has exception, but when there is addiction it surely demands specialized therapy for recovery.

There are many people who consider use of alcohol/drug for recreational purposes or on social occasions as normal and acceptable, but little are they aware that even this carries risk of road and traffic accidents, socially inappropriate or embarrassing behaviour, negative impact on social relationships which eventually leads to addiction.

Alcohol and other substance abuse not only damage the body of the person using, but has harmful impact on the environment around him. His own life can have adverse effects, like disrupted marriage/ family life, loss of job, unemployment and stigmatization.

Our Rehab Guarantee

What is a Rehab Guarantee?
Some of the most common questions we’re asked are
“How do I know it’s going to work?” and
“What kind of guarantee do I get?”

We always explain that there is no guarantee that treatment will be successful. Each individual’s road to recovery and sobriety is unique. It is a personal journey.

We offer a drug and alcohol treatment program that we know from experience works. We believe so strongly in our treatment program at KRIPA that we back it up with a Rehab Guarantee. If you participate in our 4 months of treatment program and have any relapse within 12 months from the day you leave KRIPA, you can return for 21 days of treatment at no cost to you.* No questions asked.

We know that sometimes relapse is a part of recovery. It doesn’t have to be! However should it happen, we want to be there for you. Our goal is that you are successful in your recovery. That’s why we stand behind our treatment programs.
We’re committed to you and your family.

* Please Note: Transportation and any detox fees are not included. Your free 21 days of treatment must initiate within 12 months from the day you leave having completed the initial 5 months of treatment program at KRIPA. You must have completed 5 months of treatment to be eligible for our Rehab Guarantee. KRIPA Rehab Guarantee is valid for individuals who begin a 4 month treatment program at KRIPA anytime.

For more information on KRIPA Rehab Guarantee and our alcohol and drug detox and treatment programs, please call us at +91-80-64526462.

DeAddictionCentres.IN Staff Review:

Kripa Revival Centre is a full featured De-Addiction Centre. They have a large amount of qualified staff members as well as treatment programmes which use a variety of methods. Kripa desires to be “home away from home” for the addict. The recovering addicts and the staff become a large extended family and encourage each other towards healing.

Kripa has beautiful facilities that are used in a variety of different ways. Activities used in their addiction therapy include detoxification, vocational therapy, and Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous. Each day at Kripa, patients take part in yoga, work therapy, meditation, writing, reading, journaling, meetings, medication, and games. Kripa also coordinates treatment with corporations and institutions for treatment of their employees.

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