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Guru Kripa Nesha Mukti Kendra 68, Gayatri Nagar Opp. Kritha Ram School, Pal Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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Services Offered
Alcoholism Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Out Patient
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Counselling
Yoga and Meditation
Youth Substance Abuse

Any kind of addiction serves to be harmful and if someone is unfortunately caught with addiction of drugs and alcohol then it ruins the whole life. The present generation is highly inclined towards enjoyment and this leads them towards the intake of drugs and alcohol. This starts ruining their life at the young age. We at Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra are here to help these people recover from the addiction so that they can lead the normal life and serve as the asset for the nation.

The Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra is the rehabilitation center that offers treatment to the patients suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction. The patients are able to get best in class rehabilitation services at affordable rates. All the latest and new improved techniques are used in the rehabilitation programs so that patients are able to get rid of the problem of addiction.

Patients can get rehabilitation counseling as well from the experienced doctors at the center rehabilitation so that they can make decision for addiction treatment. Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra is a well-known rehabilitation institute that is serving in the field with dedication to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation to people suffering from addiction of drugs and alcohol.

Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra serves as the forerunner of self-realization, hope and real happiness for several people recovering from the addiction of drugs and alcohol. This is the drug rehabilitation center that makes use of well-researched healing methods so as to treat the behavioral disorders and addiction of the patients. Our staff consists of dedicated and experienced members skilled in the treatment of disease complexities to help people recover from the state of addiction.

This is the alcohol rehabilitation center that works on all-inclusive approach for social, physical, spiritual and psychological recovery of the patients. Addiction is the ailment that could be described as the dependence on behaviors and substance. This is a progressive and chronic disease but still, the treatment is possible at our rehabilitation center. From the initial day of rehabilitation treatment, we focus on 100% self-discipline and use of any substance for mood altering is completely restricted.

Recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction is a journey, not destination and this journey require habitual deeds and strong pledge of self-control from drugs and alcohol. The drug abuse rehabilitation at our center rehabilitation helps the patients so that they redeem their self-confidence and self-regard.

Our aim:
The aim of Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra is to help the people suffering from the problem of drug addiction or alcohol addiction. We provide affordable treatment so that they can live normal life and get rid of the addiction problem.

Yoga and meditation sessions are also there in the treatment processes in order to heal the patients and make them physically and mentally fit. We are dedicated to offer the patients with utmost level of treatment and personalized care. The staff members work in an honest and respectful manner and demonstrate compassion and concern with the clients. At Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra, the patients are provided with healing community and a peaceful and safe environment that is beneficial for change and recovery. We believe that proper care and treatment can help in recovery for everyone.

Why us?
It’s not all about teaching the patients so that they can return back to the normal life, it is about providing solutions for their problems. For this, involvement of a dedicated team is desired in the rehabilitation treatment. At our rehabilitation institute, we invest time with the patients to understand their problems and provide them with the desired care and concern. The rehabilitation programs of Guru KripaNashaMukti Kendra are different since we have:

Transparent model:
Operating in our expansive facility, we make sure that not just the patients feel secure and safe but their relatives are also free from any kind of doubt. This is the reason why a transparent model is there that is well guided and provides comprehensive insight about the treatment.

Positive attitude:
To achieve something, we must first believe that it could be achieved. Faith and positive attitude are the two requisites that can help to make anything possible. This is something that we follow in the drug abuse rehabilitation. Work is done by our passionate team members with the patients that is further than their addiction.

With our rehabilitation therapy, we generate capacity in them so that they can have control on the thoughts, behaviors and feelings and can proceed with a constructive and positive attitude. This help them to deal effectively with the situations that had harmful effects on them in their past.

Unique process:
Our staff members are friendly and they are always available to help the patients. This assures that fact that each and every patient will be provided with the desired care and focus for consistent development.

Our services:
This is one of the most popular and widely used processes in rehabilitation programs. At our rehabilitation institute, we make use of this process as well along with the other therapies. The reason of addiction might be the toxic substances accumulated in the body of the patient and this is the principle on which this treatment is based. These accumulated toxins are eliminated from the body. Also, one of the important parts of the therapy is that new toxins are not accumulated in the body. Several techniques and tests are utilized in the process of detoxification so that complete recovery is ensured.

Therapeutic treatment:
It includes several rehabilitation therapies provided by experienced and knowledgeable counselors. Teaching methods are also implemented so that the person is able to deal with the situations of everyday life effectively. The individual progress and aims are the basis on which treatment plan and its length depends. It is also important that the patients follow the medications that are prescribed to them by the doctor during the rehabilitation therapy.

Rehabilitation counseling:
This is the process in which interaction is there between the counselor and patient so as to identify the problems and difficulties as well as emotional and stressful feelings of the patients. This is the act in which approach is made so that the problems of the patient could be understood from different aspects. Counseling is helpful since it gives an idea about the treatment and environment required by the client that can help to bring a positive change in his life.

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